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Our collection of movies covers a range of subjects, character types, themes and genres. They combine elements like action, drama, humor and faith-based themes to tell more compelling stories in a competitive marketplace.

Emilio Roso makes his presence known and shines at the Action on Film International Film Festival. He is honored with two very impressive awards: Rising Star Award and Best Male Actor in a Feature.

action on film festival

The first film nominated is, “Joshua Tree,” an action packed full length feature film that centers around a powerful love story, featuring a bold cast including Emilio, Vincent Pastore (Sopranos), Michael Madsen (Reservior Dogs), Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Gary Anthony Sturgis (Tylers Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls). CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRAILER. The second film nominated is a documentary, titled “Last Man Standing.” A never before seen inside look at the rise and fall of the Israeli Mafia. Mob stories usually focus on the Italian, Russian and Irish elements, and now we get a closer view of the Israeli element. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRAILER.

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